Monday, 24 October 2011

Thursday, 15 September 2011

BLACK. Part 2.

Lol, today was funny as I wore black lipstick for the first time to college and the reactions were hilariousss. Some stared, others said it looked good while others said it didnt.. Some didn't care...Some said I had unique swag.. Haha, apparently when I walked passed a group of boys they all stared with horrified looks on their faces.. One girl even shouted "Errr, that looks butters!" (butters means ugly) and I heard quite a lot more comments like that through out. I couldn't really see the fuss, it was only black lipstick, sheesh. But I go to a black dominated college, so most of them are from the 'hood', LOL (aren't we all?) Sooo, it was new to them!

BTW - my skirt is £1 from Liverpool St Market - YES, £1 !!!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Black lipstick, ohh yeah! I'm gonna be very nice and give a link for you guys to buy it for under £2!

Ordinary college day!

Just another ordinary day after college. I'm back for my second year and I am determined to leave with some A's! Uni is round the corner.. God+my books is all I need..

Just realised I haven't ever posted looks here ever.. Thats because this was intended to be just fashion, culture, black people, my work, etc. But I thought why not? I have a blog with my J.A.C.K girls called and thats where I usually post my pics with them.. But sometimes I take pics on my own so I thought I should start posting them here!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Vybz Kartel ah sell out! Mi cyan't stand the cake soap bleaching goat! Wid his ghost face, ugly, nyasty skin!
(Lol, excuse my extremely poor patois/patwa, I like to pretend I'm Jamaican sometimes)
Bleaching. Why do people do it? Why do black people do this to themselves? Why do they feel that if they are lighter, they are more attractive? It is societies image of beauty that has mislead the people of the world to believe that this is best. To change the colour of your skin by using dangerous chemicals, therefore increasing your chance of deadly diseases such as cancer. My perception of beauty has grown to be very different to the worlds own. Girls of today like to wear their hair in weaves and apply excessive make up on their faces. Now I'm not saying this is wrong, as I like to wear extensions and so on. But what annoys me is how unnatural and how fake girls end up looking. People like Nicki Minaj promote the idea of fake beauty; that you should recreate yourself into the worlds idea of 'perfect'. That by looking a certain way, you will be accepted by the world and hailed as 'beautiful'. (I say beautiful with quotation marks because that is not what I call real beauty.)
Everybody who knows me, know I like to waffle on about beauty and the world, the way the devil has deceived us, etc. But let me get back to the topic of bleaching.
Vybz Kartel is a SELL OUT. He has sold out on black people. How? By changing his skin colour. He has shown us that he is ashamed of his dark skin, and has proved that he is a very insecure man. It is obvious he felt that if he was lighter, he'd be seen as more attractive, get more girls and perhaps make it even bigger in the music industry. (I'm not making assumptions, its a blatant obvious truth). To dig deeper, it is clear that he was just not pleased with himself and had some self image problems. But then for the loaf to claim that "Vybz Kartel is an out-raaaaygeous person, so he does out-raaaaygeous things," (tell me, why the hell is he speaking in 3rd person?!) is just absolute BOLLOX to me. The guy chats the biggest crap I have ever heard.

Stop being ashamed of yourselves, my brothers and sisters! Love yourself and who you are. Don't be ashamed of your skin colour, thats how God made you, so deal with it. We all get insecure; I'm one of the most insecure people around. I used to think I had BDD or something, coz there was a point when it was getting really bad, and so I'd cry most times or just stay in bed all day because I was so unhappy with my looks. Now its lessened, but usually when its that time of the month, all these emotions start kicking in again. But don't let it get the best of you. Even though I was unhappy, I knew I would never go and bleach or do plastic surgery. That's just one of the biggest offences to God. You're basically telling him he didn't do a good enough job when it came to creating you. That is not the case, "you are fearfully and wonderfully made..."

"Do not let your adornment be merely outward—arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel— rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptiblebeauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God." - 1 Peter 3:3-4

- Thats real beauty right there.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

"We Are Not Enemies, But Friends"...

Obama's Victory speech (2:17-2:27)

American History X (0:39-0:50)

So one of my friends produced a song titled 'Keep Your Friends Closer' with no words apart from this quote at the end.
And I was intrigued by it and wondered where it was from. When I researched and found out it was from a speech by Abraham Lincoln, I was shocked! I found the quote to be very inspiring and I was moved. I was moved because it was so true. I am a very religious person, so my thoughts went straight to psalm 122. This is a psalm that has made me shed tears because what it speaks about. It gives me hope about where I am going in the future, but also leaves me in deep thoughts about the current state the world is in, and how divided we are. So, I wrote a poem inspired by my friends song and the speech.

Keep Your Friends Closer - poem (27.03.2011)

“We are not enemies, but friends.

We must not be enemies.

Though passion may have strained,

it must not break the bonds of our affection.” - Abraham Lincoln

We are all together in this.

You, me,

We are together, all one family.

It is the closeness that we share

that will keep us tightly compacted together.

One unit, one body, for all we have is each other.

Although it may not seem a lot

the truth is, it is greater than anything else in this world.

For we come from an even greater family in another realm.

So let us join hands, and hold on with our dear lives.

With all of our strength.

Because it is with the help of each other that we will survive

This mean, nasty, cruel world in which we live in.

The one that is under the evil doers spell.

The reason why so many of us are destined to hell.

But when we depart from each other

and fight like enemies

we cause ourselves to fall, like Adam and Eve in Genesis.

When we have world wars

and refuse to help our brothers and sisters

the distance between us becomes greater

And we never find peace

Because we have shunned peace away

and so we are left alone and astray

This is why we must not be enemies, but friends.

When we are friends, life becomes easier to bear

And no more will we have to cry tears.

Even when trouble comes our way

and though passion may have strained

If we are close, surely we can still maintain?

That everlasting love between us all

For we shall not let the bad things break the bonds of our affection

And instead, continue on with devotion and determination.

So march forth, oh yeah people

Into a world named Zion,

And carry on I tell you, carry on.

Into a world full of hope and promises which can never be broken

Because they were made by an unbreakable person.

Inspired by Abraham Lincoln's speech, and a song by Jean Luc.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

On set

So today I was on set for a magazine spread for Teen Book which ma homie (lol) Ibrahim is a fashion editor for. Lately I have been contributing such as researching trends for the mag + street style. Now I got the chance to try out my styling and I think it worked out okay! Ibs and I did the styling and the models were really cool. So was the photographers and make up/hair stylists. Cool vibe, cool shoot. *thumbs up*

P.S (Excuse the bags underneath my eyes, I cried myself to sleep last night after watching Titanic. It was that darn ending when the old aged Rose died in her sleep and dreamed of everybody in the room as she entered and met Jack at the top of the stairs and then they kissed. Whyyyy couldn't it happen in real life?!) Loooool.